A New Year Beckons

So I ended the year weighing in at 113.2kg. This time last year, I weighed 109kg, and the year before (2014), I weighed 99kg. So I gained 4kg this year which is not bad, but I should be losing weight as I am morbidly obese. My obesity has affected my appearance greatly, and just recently I realized it might be affecting my health (some minor joint issues and insulin resistance). I also got diagnosed with insulin resistance, which is affecting my weight loss, and which means I have to eat foods that have a very low glycemic index.

As I enter the new year, I hope that my weight situation improves, I hope I have enough energy to exercise more, I hope to incorporate more proteins and vegetables into my diet, and stay away from sugar and high carb foods as much as possible.

So help me God! Happy New Year!🎉🎉


Intermittent fasting (end of week 2) I only lost 1kg

UPDATE: I checked my fasting blood sugar and it was 104 this morning, which is pretty high. Diabetes runs in my family. I believe my carb intake might have something to do with the weight gain.

I don’t have an official starting weight but I think I was between 114-115kg when I started my fast on November 30th.

I weighed myself this morning and discovered this:😭


I did not expect to gain weight while fasting for 2 weeks now. When I weighed myself 4 days ago, I weighed 113kg. This is so disheartening. There’s literally no difference in weight loss from when I was eating 3 times a day and now that i eat once a day. I was only able to workout once this week, but I still expected to lose something, since I’m eating literally just once a day. I know my water intake is not high enough, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with my weight gain. People don’t understand just how hard it is for certain people to lose weight, and if. I’ll try to increase my vegetables and proteins for the next two weeks, maybe that might make a difference. I’m also battling with insulin resistance and acanthosis nigricans on my neck, which seems to be getting darker.

Day 159

I will be 2 weeks into intermittent fasting tomorrow. A few symptoms I’ve been experiencing recently are nausea (mostly after I break my fast), weakness, and my urine has a strong odor. However, I don’t have any cravings or feel hungry. I also have a weigh in tomorrow.


1/2 avocado

2 strawberries

rice and ofada stew

1/2 cup pineapples

2 cups vegetable soup